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Nowadays, fraud on the phone is becoming more frequent, every day fraudsters come up with new ways by which they can deceive you! Do you have missed calls from an unknown phone number, or do you not know who called you? Our site will help you find out information about the phone number, you can also read real reviews from people who are published only after moderation. If you have information about the caller, please leave a comment, you can help many people to protect themselves from fraudsters!
We want to minimize the number of successful fraudulent calls by distributing information about the types of fraud and phone numbers from which they call. Come to our club, share information and together we will reduce the number of phone scams!

Recent comments:

This number is not affiliated with SSI!!! Scam!
+1800451889702/23/2021dont click
its a scam hoping you click on the email images that will allow malicious code to infect your devices
+1512710205202/22/2021Grezzju Tabone
This caller is sending me massages without knowing him . Looks like a scammer !
Rec'd email stating my amazon order was sent to Edward Priest in NJ. I did not have an order for an IPad $799. Email named the person that the order would go to. Email Invoice came from: mlytho1357@gmail.com. Spam reported to Amazon.
+1800635132702/19/2021Sandra Freeman
Robocall saying Amazon has noticed suspicious activity on my account and now my account is frozen. Scam.
+1800451889702/18/2021Dona Mahoney
I want to know if this number is a scam.
Number was emailed to me to call to verify info for a class action lawsuit against Amazon. Email claims to be from Keller Lenkner Legal Team, but the actual site for this firm has no toll-free number.
Fake service disconnection notice with no company name.
+913683026602/05/2021Kelly Jones
Fake Amazon Customer Service fishing for personal information.
+1888410029402/05/2021Dawn m Szygiel
The company using this 888 number stole $199.95 from my bank account It is a spam they are hacking into bank account
no voice-mail at all, if you call it, it won't stop ringing. they didn't pick up and didn't respond.
+1800558057202/03/2021Joe Bellows
Pep Boys corporate warranty center
Ripped us off,.scammer.... do not trust and do mot pay any money.... scammer
+1844769987902/01/2021Arthur D. Schaffer
Recieved a card in USPS with this fraud number to call with a ad for 100.00 unclaimed reward voucher....Do Not Call this is a scam. .
+1703996731601/29/2021Jennie Heffner
People are getting on Instagram and messaging me with that number and acting if there in the United States military
+1800788989001/27/2021Eca Sa
Scam, try to get your SIN
call saying that they were apple cloud ask for me too call came in from text on a land line
I have received so many calls from this number, after multiple times saying to not call. It won’t stop, number is already blocked.
It was a recording claiming to be Apple customer service, purportedly informing me of a breach of my iCloud account. Yeah right.
Called me twice over two hours. Did not leave a message.
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